My topic is about homelessness in Spokane, the image I created might be hard to link with the issue. However, I love Halloween time so I decided to get a little spooky. There is a skull with with nuts for eyes, not peanuts, nuts used for tools and such. I used nuts because I feel like you can find these objects in nearly any ally over Spokane. Next I have a yield sign, this is the most significant part of my illustration. “Yield” means to let others go before you, this is symbolizing that we need to think about others before we can think about ourselves. The skull is a bit dramatic, but sometimes these homeless people are left behind and they end up passing away from the cold weathers, starvation, etc. Instead of cross-bones, I replaced them with rounded rectangles that I created with the rounding option. I then placed triangles that I used “alt” and drag to strategically place each one along the rectangle. This detail has no significance, I just wanted to be a little festive in for the scary season. While creating my entire illustration  I had to bring some objects to the front and send some objects to the back. This makes it look like my images are continuing or are behind the yield sign. To create the skull I made a circle and placed non-rectangles towards the bottom to make the teeth. The nose is just a smaller triangle with rounded edges, this is supposed to make a cavity-type nose appearance. To come back to the nuts I messed around with the stroke and fill, to make the shape seem hollow like an actual nut. On my final I will make some altercations to the gradient so that the nuts look like real metal, the yield sign appears shiny, and the skull will have a shadow. There is still much more I plan to add, but I wanted to get a nice foundation to build off.Dead-nutz

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  1. David, I think your logo looks very cool and I can definitely see how it relates to your topic. I like the meaning behind the yield sign and I think it portrays a very strong message. I also love how the skull relates to the month of October, it shows a lot of creativity on your part. A suggestion for improvement would be to make the skull have more skull-like features, for example you can round out the jaw instead of having blocky rectangles and make the head of the skull have more definition and shadows. Also try to move the eyes and nose of the skull lower and bigger in size. You can also line up the crosses so that there is symmetry. Over than that, I like your logo and I think you have a great foundation for the final project.


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