Final Graphic Design

After visiting my peer’s blogs, I saw all the creativity other students were using. I looked at my graphic design and thought “man this is boring”, so I decided to completely scrap my draft and start fresh. I started out by taking an iconic piece of Spokane, the old World Fair tent. I used the tent as my background, the sky was super blue, so I messed around with the opacity to create an almost cloudy/foggy illusion. Next I gathered my new images and altered there shape and size to find an optimal symmetry. I gave each photo a stroke, but instead of keeping 100% opacity, I lowered it to so you could see through. In my draft I had the word “community” in the center of my design colored in a pink-purple shade. The only comment I received from the feedback assignment was how the word seemed random to the design. I really liked this color, but it didn’t fit in my piece. I used that same shade of color as inspiration for my final product. Behind my images I have three bold stripes that run horizontally across the design. This is supposed to represent the American flag and emphasize the problem of homelessness, not only in Spokane, but the country. I really liked the word “community”  and felt that it was a bold symbol for the homeless, so instead of just slapping the word in the center of my design, I decided to give each image a label. The words I chose are supposed to break down “community” in three words. Lastly, to show my creative side I took out some colors in my images such as blue and green. When I took these colors out and lowered the opacity, I got this 3-D like illusion that really made my images pop out, but still able to see through them and appreciate the background. I wanted to avoid copyright so I got all my images from Final-Graphic

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