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I chose to create an online graphic for my design. I started my project off with the background. Garland theater is an iconic location in Spokane, the entire garland area is one of the oldest spots. Here you will find old stores such as milk shops, diners, and other historic places. Garland is a very outdated and low income place, so you can find a large homeless population here. Secondly, I chose the clock tower because this is one of the buildings that Spokane is best known for. I used the magnetic clipper tool to get the most precise cut, only half of the tower is showing. I used this effect to make it appear as if the tower is behind the theater, when in actuality it’s located on the opposite side of town. The tower is in Riverfront Park a place where many homeless go to sleep peacefully at night. Close to the man walking across the theater you will find a man cloaked in a sleeping bag, this is an actual homeless man. I also used the magnetic clippers and cropping to cut and shrink the photo to make the man appear the same size as the other man originally in the picture. It can be hard to decipher a homeless person from a non-homeless person, so I wanted to find a solid representation. I’ve never been homeless before, but if I was I know a sleeping bag would be a necessity. Lastly I placed the word “community” in the bottom center of my illustration colored purple. This is an important factor of my piece the color selection means royalty, nobility, luxury, etc. Everything being homeless isn’t and the words community because, whether people acknowledge it or not these people also live in our town and make just as many contributions as the “average” person and this is often over-looked Spokane-project

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  1. Well, hello there sir. Your design is just flat out amazing. I am not going to lie to you, I did not notice the clock tower in the back at all. Everything is amazing, however just two things that should need changing. One thing that may need to be edited is the word “community’. I feel like the location and color scheme is just odd for an amazing design like yours. A relocation of the word plus another color should help it. Another minor detail that could use edit is the meaning of the homeless man in the sleeping bag. i understand the meaning of it when I read the text, however I have no idea what he is or doing without looking at the text. All of this is minor compared to what you have done here. It is near perfect. Its powerful, its catchy, its just overall amazing. The way you put the clock tower perfectly behind the building is perfect. Well done.

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