Homeless in Spokane

If you’ve ever lived in or visited the Spokane area it’s impossible to miss the thousands of people living on the streets. They sit on corners, fill the allies, or walk their home around in a shopping cart. Having lived in the area for a few years, I’ve always wondered how these people came to be where they are? http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2018/apr/09/rise-in-spokane-homeless-attributed-to-better-coun/

The homeless have a major effect on a city and its identity. Thankfully in Spokane the people are very friendly and willing to help. I worked at Dutch Bros for three years and for two of those years we had a man who would sit on the corner of Sharp and Division, no sign, no cart, just a blank mug. everyday around noon he would ask for some water and the time. He never broke his character, only water and time. Ironically, I knew this man he was an old friend of a relative that had come for Thanksgiving years back, his name was Steven. When I figured out who he was my perspective completely changed, I wanted to help him out but he refused. After my offerings he wouldn’t even hardly look my way, he just continued to live on that corner.

After more than five years of living on the streets, Steven was found dead behind a dumpster next to near by liquor store. They never did rule out the cause of his death, but the entire Spokane community was shook. The  corner where he made his home was decorated in flowers, balloons, and other memorabilia.  http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2017/jun/08/shawn-vestal-in-life-dutch-bros-guy-was-seen-by-ma/

The impact Steven had on Spokane sparked a motivation in me to help others. Soon after Steven’s death my family and I sent out to the dollar store and made over 200 “goodie” bags. We covered almost all of Spokane on foot, handing out bags filled with water, snacks, and tooth brushes. Shortly after our deed, I found there are many ways to get involved with the homeless through organizations like the Union Gospel Mission, Spokane Cares, etc.  http://spokanecares.org/homeless-community-spokane.php

The homeless population offers a wide selection to which I can work with. I can interview them for my audio editing as well as making powerful photo shopped pictures to represent the struggle or community in the streets of Spokane.IMG-0774

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