Final Audio

For my final Audition piece, I made a mock news story. I really enjoyed my time at the Oregon vs Washington State game, so I thought why not make my own news story. To create an authentic atmosphere I downloaded a few sound effects such as “mountain lion roar”, “news introduction”, and “football crowd”. These sound effects were either really loud or really quite. I had to tinker with the volume levels of each one to make sure that voices could be heard over the cheers and so that the lion wasn’t piercing the listener’s ears. Another edit I had to utilize was the length of the crowd cheering, the sound effect was maybe five seconds long, so I had to copy and paste and then overlay the effects to make it sound like a never ending cheer. I placed the effect behind both the interviewer and the interviewee, which made it sound like I was reporting live from the very game. One other touch I added was the cougar roar at the end of the bit, this was to make it seem like I was reporting for a local news station and showed my school pride. I wish I could’ve used the actual cougar noise played at the game, but I couldn’t for obvious reasons!

It was hard to make revisions on my piece because I had a hard time uploading my draft audio, for this reason I only had one feedback submission. The feedback was basically telling me that there was nothing to give feedback on. However in my draft, I knew that I needed sound effects and a catchy news jingle. I made sure that I provided both in my final audio.

All of my sound effects came from this website allowed me download all of my sound effects free and copyright free as well.

Illustrator Final

In my illustration draft I had mentioned that I was mainly placing the basic shapes for my final. Which has helped me a lot, many of my peers had commented that I should work on detailing the skull. In result, I rounded out the jaw and placed lines on and under the cheeks. The lines are there to make out more of a face. I used the “create shape” tool to make an oval, then I held down the click button and the shift button to give me more options, which I then used to round out the jaw. I added some teeth using the line tool, but was a not a fan. I was looking at the skull and thinking, “this is not what I had imagined” so I added some texture and gradient to create a spooky shadow that hits the skull, while at the same time showing my best details to the skull. When the skull was complete I grouped all the objects that made up the skull and places my saws behind him and, once again I grouped them all. The saws were very fun to  make, I made a rectangle and then rounded the edges, added “plastic wrap” texture, created triangles with the same texture, clicked and held alt, dragged them around the perimeter of the skull, and then copy and pasted to get two of them. After my most detailed pieces were created I shrunk them down a little and moved them to the center of the yield sign, much like a jolly-roger. My final addition to the illustration was the brick background. Like the yield sign and its significance to homeless people in Spokane, the brick wall is representing Spokane. Out of all the places I’ve visited, including Pullman, nowhere incorporates brick into their town like Spokane. My goal was to create a Halloween themed illustration while driving the homeless issue across the minds of my audience. Through the yield sign, skull, nuts, and the brick wall I hope the point was seen.Deat-nutz-final


My topic is about homelessness in Spokane, the image I created might be hard to link with the issue. However, I love Halloween time so I decided to get a little spooky. There is a skull with with nuts for eyes, not peanuts, nuts used for tools and such. I used nuts because I feel like you can find these objects in nearly any ally over Spokane. Next I have a yield sign, this is the most significant part of my illustration. “Yield” means to let others go before you, this is symbolizing that we need to think about others before we can think about ourselves. The skull is a bit dramatic, but sometimes these homeless people are left behind and they end up passing away from the cold weathers, starvation, etc. Instead of cross-bones, I replaced them with rounded rectangles that I created with the rounding option. I then placed triangles that I used “alt” and drag to strategically place each one along the rectangle. This detail has no significance, I just wanted to be a little festive in for the scary season. While creating my entire illustration  I had to bring some objects to the front and send some objects to the back. This makes it look like my images are continuing or are behind the yield sign. To create the skull I made a circle and placed non-rectangles towards the bottom to make the teeth. The nose is just a smaller triangle with rounded edges, this is supposed to make a cavity-type nose appearance. To come back to the nuts I messed around with the stroke and fill, to make the shape seem hollow like an actual nut. On my final I will make some altercations to the gradient so that the nuts look like real metal, the yield sign appears shiny, and the skull will have a shadow. There is still much more I plan to add, but I wanted to get a nice foundation to build off.Dead-nutz

Illustrator Sketch

This is a skull and cross-bones, instead of cross bones I replaced them with some chainsaw blades. This is going to illustrate a “halloween” type of theme.Sketch.jpg

Final Graphic Design

After visiting my peer’s blogs, I saw all the creativity other students were using. I looked at my graphic design and thought “man this is boring”, so I decided to completely scrap my draft and start fresh. I started out by taking an iconic piece of Spokane, the old World Fair tent. I used the tent as my background, the sky was super blue, so I messed around with the opacity to create an almost cloudy/foggy illusion. Next I gathered my new images and altered there shape and size to find an optimal symmetry. I gave each photo a stroke, but instead of keeping 100% opacity, I lowered it to so you could see through. In my draft I had the word “community” in the center of my design colored in a pink-purple shade. The only comment I received from the feedback assignment was how the word seemed random to the design. I really liked this color, but it didn’t fit in my piece. I used that same shade of color as inspiration for my final product. Behind my images I have three bold stripes that run horizontally across the design. This is supposed to represent the American flag and emphasize the problem of homelessness, not only in Spokane, but the country. I really liked the word “community”  and felt that it was a bold symbol for the homeless, so instead of just slapping the word in the center of my design, I decided to give each image a label. The words I chose are supposed to break down “community” in three words. Lastly, to show my creative side I took out some colors in my images such as blue and green. When I took these colors out and lowered the opacity, I got this 3-D like illusion that really made my images pop out, but still able to see through them and appreciate the background. I wanted to avoid copyright so I got all my images from Final-Graphic

Graphic Design

I chose to create an online graphic for my design. I started my project off with the background. Garland theater is an iconic location in Spokane, the entire garland area is one of the oldest spots. Here you will find old stores such as milk shops, diners, and other historic places. Garland is a very outdated and low income place, so you can find a large homeless population here. Secondly, I chose the clock tower because this is one of the buildings that Spokane is best known for. I used the magnetic clipper tool to get the most precise cut, only half of the tower is showing. I used this effect to make it appear as if the tower is behind the theater, when in actuality it’s located on the opposite side of town. The tower is in Riverfront Park a place where many homeless go to sleep peacefully at night. Close to the man walking across the theater you will find a man cloaked in a sleeping bag, this is an actual homeless man. I also used the magnetic clippers and cropping to cut and shrink the photo to make the man appear the same size as the other man originally in the picture. It can be hard to decipher a homeless person from a non-homeless person, so I wanted to find a solid representation. I’ve never been homeless before, but if I was I know a sleeping bag would be a necessity. Lastly I placed the word “community” in the bottom center of my illustration colored purple. This is an important factor of my piece the color selection means royalty, nobility, luxury, etc. Everything being homeless isn’t and the words community because, whether people acknowledge it or not these people also live in our town and make just as many contributions as the “average” person and this is often over-looked Spokane-project

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