Final Reflection

First of all, I really enjoyed this class. I feel that I learned so many different skills and have far surpassed my previous knowledge of adobe software. My favorite program was easily Adobe Premiere, this program took all of the topics and abilities that we learned through out the semester. I had fun with Premiere, because my favorite part of seeing a movie in theaters are the trailers. Premiere allowed me to make my own short story, much like a seek-peek.

The Photo Shop techniques I learned in this class were probably the most useful. I used the software to help my dad touch his photo’s up and showed him a few things for fun. I also finally figured out all the mysteries behind photos-shopped memes. Know when I see things that seem too out of the ordinary, I can find little details to help me decide if the picture is real or fake.

I will use illustrator most in my future. One day I want to own my business Illustrator will help design my company logo and look great with business cards. The great thing about Illustrator is the images aren’t made of pixels, so I can use the image for any size, maybe billboards.

I haven’t been the most technologically inclined and didn’t know that half these software existed. I think that this course adequately prepares students with experience in modern day job-like requirements. The way the world is moving towards programs like the ones that we covered, I feel this course is very worth students’ time as is.

YouTube was definitely a life-saver in this class. If there was ever a time where I couldn’t figure out how to do something specific in any of the units, I could always find a hundred plus videos on how to do it. I also found fellow students that had experience in some the software and they were very helpful.


Final Story

My final story was very fun to make. After reviewing my feedback I noticed that a common suggestion was to add some more detail to my story. In response I have added some video transitions as well as audio transition. I didn’t really know what the names for the transitions meant so I had to go back and back till I found the prefect ones. I didn’t want to be boring so I added some pretty wild transitions. I figured if I actually had my own news channel, I would like it to be fun and crazy, like myself. The audio was very unbalanced, there were some videos were the audio was very loud and others where the audio was very low. I solved this problem by using audio gain. This allowed all the audio on my story to be fluent and run together. I also added a picture of a bridge in Washington that I took myself, I thought this would be better than a boring blackout introduction. Lastly I dressed a lot nicer in this video, to create a realistic news simulation. I thought it was too unrealistic to be scrubby like my draft. The scenes I shot had a zoom in for the opening scene for the interview scene I used a medium angled view so that the audience could see both myself and the interviewee. This angle also helped me catch the atmosphere of the room and how the audience could tell there was studying going on. I also changed my titles to fit the format of a news station. I didn’t want my text to plain, I wanted it to be polite and informative. I would like to think that my final was a lot better than my draft and exemplified my ability to navigate this software.

Premiere Draft

For my draft I shot my angles with a close-up center shot. I wanted to create the appearance of a news blogger ( not a formal news station). This way it seems like a student reporter. I created this illusion by taking my first shot in a dorm room. You can tell because the background seems like a living area, which it is. I added some “news” music in the background at the beginning of my video and again at the end. This was a nice little touch that shows my somewhat proficiency with this software. My second shot is taken at the Chinook in one of the many study rooms. This scene is shot from a medium center angle, which allowed me to incorporate myself and my interviewee, Henry Hurd. The main focus of my story is stress during finals week. For my prior projects I’ve been focusing on topics that have to do with major events on campus, so I figured most students could probably relate, as we are all moving into finals this upcoming week. When I do my final I would like to either be dressed more formally, in a suit or such. If not formal I think wearing Coug gear would also be appropriate. I would also like to add an introductory shot in a medium-center view, instead of just cutting right to the interview. I feel this would strengthen my final story. I also might add a microphone so that you can clearly understand both myself and the interviewee.

Raw footage

Timestamp: The video starts at 0:00

Visuals: The scene is shot at a medium, landscape angle with the interviewer standing as the focus of the camera. The scene then shifts to another medium landscape angle where the two (interviewer and interviewee) are the center of the camera in a business meeting room.

Audio: The only audio captured, is that of the interviewer and the interviewee, with some faint student traffic muffled by the glass doors of the meeting room.

Final Audio

For my final Audition piece, I made a mock news story. I really enjoyed my time at the Oregon vs Washington State game, so I thought why not make my own news story. To create an authentic atmosphere I downloaded a few sound effects such as “mountain lion roar”, “news introduction”, and “football crowd”. These sound effects were either really loud or really quite. I had to tinker with the volume levels of each one to make sure that voices could be heard over the cheers and so that the lion wasn’t piercing the listener’s ears. Another edit I had to utilize was the length of the crowd cheering, the sound effect was maybe five seconds long, so I had to copy and paste and then overlay the effects to make it sound like a never ending cheer. I placed the effect behind both the interviewer and the interviewee, which made it sound like I was reporting live from the very game. One other touch I added was the cougar roar at the end of the bit, this was to make it seem like I was reporting for a local news station and showed my school pride. I wish I could’ve used the actual cougar noise played at the game, but I couldn’t for obvious reasons!

It was hard to make revisions on my piece because I had a hard time uploading my draft audio, for this reason I only had one feedback submission. The feedback was basically telling me that there was nothing to give feedback on. However in my draft, I knew that I needed sound effects and a catchy news jingle. I made sure that I provided both in my final audio.

All of my sound effects came from this website allowed me download all of my sound effects free and copyright free as well.

Illustrator Final

In my illustration draft I had mentioned that I was mainly placing the basic shapes for my final. Which has helped me a lot, many of my peers had commented that I should work on detailing the skull. In result, I rounded out the jaw and placed lines on and under the cheeks. The lines are there to make out more of a face. I used the “create shape” tool to make an oval, then I held down the click button and the shift button to give me more options, which I then used to round out the jaw. I added some teeth using the line tool, but was a not a fan. I was looking at the skull and thinking, “this is not what I had imagined” so I added some texture and gradient to create a spooky shadow that hits the skull, while at the same time showing my best details to the skull. When the skull was complete I grouped all the objects that made up the skull and places my saws behind him and, once again I grouped them all. The saws were very fun to  make, I made a rectangle and then rounded the edges, added “plastic wrap” texture, created triangles with the same texture, clicked and held alt, dragged them around the perimeter of the skull, and then copy and pasted to get two of them. After my most detailed pieces were created I shrunk them down a little and moved them to the center of the yield sign, much like a jolly-roger. My final addition to the illustration was the brick background. Like the yield sign and its significance to homeless people in Spokane, the brick wall is representing Spokane. Out of all the places I’ve visited, including Pullman, nowhere incorporates brick into their town like Spokane. My goal was to create a Halloween themed illustration while driving the homeless issue across the minds of my audience. Through the yield sign, skull, nuts, and the brick wall I hope the point was seen.Deat-nutz-final

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